My main struggle with exercise before TFW was motivation and making the excuse that I never had the time to train! As we’re told at TFW there are 168hrs in a week and you only need to spend 4hrs training, so really everyone has the time.

What made you take the first step and join Training For Warriors Thornhill?

With my job, I do very little exercise. I felt lethargic, unmotivated and very unfit. I wanted to feel better in myself and decided I needed to make some changes. I went and spoke to Coach Ross and decided to give TFW a try. I have been a member at TFW now for 8 months, I train 4/5 a week and I continue to see results month after month

What significant results have you seen since joining TFW Thornhill:

The significant results:

  • My visceral fat has reduced from 14 to 7.
  • My Percent Body Fat has reduced by 10%
  • My muscle mass has increased by 5.4kg

What are the top three tips would you give someone thinking about joining Training For Warriors Thornhill?

The 3 top tips that have helped me have been:

  1. The nutritional advice from the coaches
  2. Being shown how to work out correctly ie to get maximum benefit and to avoid injury
  3. Having Coach Ross kick my arse and keep me motivated

We now have only 4 places left on our 8 week warrior challenge starting on August 12th 2019. Book your space ASAP!