Ryan recently completed the January 2019 Eight Week Warrior Challenge and has now joined the main TFW Thornhill Programme. Ryan lost an impressive 6.1% body fat in 6 weeks. He gave us a testimonial about his time on the 8-week warrior and some words of advice for those thinking about joining.

Getting Started

Going to the gym, training, eating healthy and right are all things I’ve never enjoyed. In fact, they are all things I was terrible at. They are all things I would never stick to because they seemed so complicated to follow.

TFW completely changed that. Training wise it honestly felt like you had a personal trainer with you. Whenever you needed a coach in the Dojo they were there for you and even when you didn’t they always managed to keep a close eye on everyone to give you advice on what you were doing and how you could do better.

The TFW Thornhill Coaches

If you were injured or at a different level to others in the session they tailored it to each individual whilst keeping things moving forward and sharing their time out equally and where it was needed.

The coaches always remembered any pains or injuries you had and who had what. Which impressed me a lot.

Every session felt different and new. You were never bored or dreading going. I actually looked forward to it. You always felt like you had achieved something and left feeling energised even after you had given 110%. It made you feel really good.

TFW Nutrition

Equally as impressive is how they get you to understand nutrition. Everything is made so simple. You aren’t bombarded with science you would never understand or given some complicated plan to follow. They take you back to the basics and educate you in such a simple and relatable way that I felt like a fool for not knowing how to eat healthy and well in the first place.

If you are struggling they are there for you with near infinite alternatives and great, simple advice.

I’ve not felt as energised and alert since I was a kid after a couple of weeks of drinking the right amount of water and eating properly. Once you feel the effects and realise how good it is for your whole body and well being it just gets easier and easier. Especially with the coaches giving advice and tips at the end of each session.

Give TFW a go!

I would recommend TFW to anyone, veteran gym goer or first-timer, no matter what age or makeup.

The coaches knowledge is second to none. They are beyond attentive to you inside and outside the Dojo, training and nutrition wise.

You feel better inside and out in all aspects of your life. The 8-week challenge was an amazing way to get started and get ready for joining into the main programme with a good base knowledge of how the dojo works and knowing how to fuel your body with what you need.

Get signed up, you will never look back!