What we provide at Training For Warriors Thornhill is more than just a gym. It’s more than just a group training programme. We are coaches. We deliver a world-renowned training programme that becomes part of your day-to-day. It becomes a lifestyle. Thanks to Rhidian aka “The Scribbler” for such brilliant feedback about his experience and getting back on track.

With so many people going into isolation, now more than ever it’s important to keep your body and mind active.

We Don’t Just Train, We Coach!

“Today I had a long overdue one to one with Ross. I did it on the spur of the moment as he was available and I was there! Like a lot of you, I wasn’t going to bother this time. You know how it is, you’ve put on a bit of weight, body fat isn’t shifting and you know what the coach is going to say anyway? That was me as well. However, it was a very worthwhile 20 minutes and immediately I’ve made a few small steps to achieving the goals we set. Like logging my food today on My Fitness Pal.

Since last summer I’ve steadily put on about 4 kg and my body fat has crept up by about 3%. I have somehow managed to avoid the last 2 weigh-ins as well! It’s quite frustrating after the progress made up to that point. Yes, there have been reasons for why this has happened. Some stressful events are occasionally unavoidable and you just need to get through them and out of the other side before things improve again. But after a while, you can’t keep making excuses for not making more progress and you need to take active steps and get your mindset right so you can start eating better, sleeping better and drinking more water, which is 75% of the battle!

The one thing I didn’t blame for the weight gain was TFW and I have continued to train and make steady progress with PB’s and have gained muscle. Perhaps I’ve been training a bit too much at times and not giving myself enough recovery time. That’s because it is such a great place to come to, to train and get fit in such a brilliant facility with fantastic coaches and among friends.

The one thing I am certain about is that we (ie us Warriors) are so fortunate to have a world-class facility here in Thornhill, with 3 great coaches delivering a world-renowned program that is proven to work and indeed has worked for so many of us here, including myself.

If we sometimes feel that we have plateaued, peaked, hit a wall, stopped making progress etc then it is definitely not the fault of the program.

Everything is provided from the training itself, proper warm-up, stretching, nutrition advice, mentoring, social events, great atmosphere, funny scribbles (had to say that!), friendship and so much more (like the stories!).

Getting back on track

I’ve made all sorts of excuses to myself for the weight I’ve put on in the last 9 months or so but it is down to me to put things right as regards diet, water, sleep, flexibility, rest etc. That is my own responsibility, not the coaches.

I’m always sad when someone stops coming to the dojo especially if they become disillusioned for the reasons I have outlined. Yes, different people will have different issues and reasons but don’t forget the progress you made and that you will need to keep it going for life. You need to be consistent and committed to doing most of the work yourself as TFW and the coaches can only do so much which they do brilliantly.

So thank you, Ross, for starting the whole thing and for the dedication and care you give us. Also to Innes and Jamie for being great coaches and friends and for giving us something different in your approaches (good cop, bad cop, crazy cop – you decide who’s who!).

Tack Advantage Of Your 1-2-1

So get your one to one’s booked and if you haven’t been to the dojo for a while get your a**e into gear and get yourself down there. You know it works better than anything else you have probably ever tried.”

Rhidian is an 8-week warrior graduate, there will be a new 8-week warrior running in April – we have 12 spaces available for new warriors who are ready to take the first step.

April 8 week warrior challenge