We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to the Dojo, seeing how far you’ve come and helping you progress even further.

Covid Rules

First things first, let’s get the rules and restrictions out the way.

  • Use hand sanitiser on your way in and out of The Dojo
  • Face masks are required when walking around the Dojo and interacting with others
  • Doors will be open for ventilation, weather permitting

Booking In

Booking in for sessions will always be part of the Dojo but now we REALLY need you to book in – you can use Zen planner to do this. Booking is required for each session that you attend. Even if you’re running late, you still need to book in! We’re asking this for your safety and ours; this will stand from the 26th of April


At the moment, we are sticking to twelve people in the Dojo at one time; we are allowed more, but would rather everyone had their own space!

Individual Workouts

Sessions in the Dojo will be individual workouts rather than group training sessions. We will still need you to book. The TFW session will be available on the whiteboard and a coach will be in the Dojo at all times.

Need some help? We are still on hand to assist in any way we can; plus, we will have a coach floating and observing the Dojo to lend a hand or demonstrate workouts.


The strength Sessions will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, morning and night. We are now staggering these sessions; for example, we will have a slot for six people, and then half an hour later, another six can join in (up to 12 people max). Staggered starts will make sure everyone gets use of the full hour session and all of the equipment.

Hurricane Days
Don’t worry, we will still be carrying on our hurricane workouts, now with extra Saturday sessions! These will still be held at the school so we can keep on sprinting!