What were some of your struggles with exercise before you came to TFW Thornhill?

I tried a few gyms and classes but I always got bored with just using the machines. Additionally, I felt I was not getting that 1-1 coaching that I needed to keep me on track.

What made you bite the bullet and start coming to TFW Thornhill?

I originally joined TFW Thornhill doing the Meta fit classes. When these finished I thought I would give the main TFW training programme a try. I had never used weights before but thought I would give it a go. Since joining, I have never looked back!

What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW Thornhill?

I am definitely more toned. I have lowered my body fat percentage and I have gained muscle mass.

What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

  1. All of the coaches encouragement
  2. All of my fellow warriors helping each other and the friendly environment
  3. Help with tips and recipes on healthy clean eating

Join Training For Warriors Thornhill

Angela originally joined Training For Warriors after completing some of the meta fit classes. Since joining the main TFW programme she has trained 3-4 times per week. Angela has achieved great results over time and her dedication and consistency have paid off.

The next 8-week warrior challenge starts in August. This is a great introduction to the Training For Warriors Programme. All of our warriors start with the basics from how to sprint correctly to how to get your first pull up or push up. We provide you with a TFW manual to help keep you on track and also with shred manuals which give you plenty of recipe ideas. Check out some of our Warrior Transformations and get in touch to find out more about our membership options. You can also sign up for our 8-week warrior challenge and one of our coaches will call you back.