1. What were some of your struggles with exercise before you came to TFW Thornhill?

1. I had just had my son and the only exercise I got was walking pram. I had not done anything really physical for a long time. I suffered depression being pregnant and following birth, my mind often told me I didn’t want to be here or I couldn’t deal with another day.

Also, I had never used weights before and when I seen set up in dojo made me nervous the rig looked alien to me. Like what the hell was it for 🙄. It seemed like there were so many fit people. How was I going to fit in? It was intimidating to me. But this was short lived once I’d entered and felt the support and encouragement from EVERYONE.

2. What made you bite the bullet and start coming to TFW Thornhill?

I was doing meta fit with Ross and once that stopped knew I needed to do something. Took me a while to finally build up the confidence to enter the dojo and see what it was all about. I was so nervous for weeks entering the dojo, as was so unfit and felt out my comfort zone.

3. What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW Thornhill?

Results are endless. As a chocolate addict 😁 and all the support on nutrition finally eating better, I meal prep (something I would never have done) it took me a long time to listen, but the coaches tips and going on finally sunk in for me.

It’s been super for my confidence, it made me believe in myself again after childminding for 5 years and working myself, got confidence to go out get a job and start courses once my boy was 5 and starting school. Which was a daunting thought, but with smashing PB’s in dojo def helped with giving me the confidence to believe in myself again. Also the strength and my fitness the biggest difference.

I used to be out of breath running after my boy and running up a set of stairs. I used to be so nervous for months doing hurricanes, used to want to cancel class as used to feel sick doing them, so out of breath, I felt so unfit. Now, I look forward to a hurricane ( something I never ever thought I’d say) as it blows away so many cobwebs and clears my mind. I can enter the dojo even if I’m having a bad morning and I feel crabbit and I can leave feeling so refreshed ready to take on my day. The encouragement and support from the coaches and other warriors are second to none. Would never ever of stuck it if ethos of supporting each other, no judging just support and encouragement wasn’t so strong. Also good banter 😁 always someone to pull you up, help you along and there to make you smile.

4. What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

  1. Be brave take that step and enter dojo, they are really nice people inside I promise 😁 some people I wouldn’t of mixed with, that I have got to know and enjoy there company and encouragement in dojo.
  2. Don’t let the fear of how unfit you are stop you from going, you’ll surprise yourself – I always did and still do.
  3. No matter what your fitness don’t be put off and do what I did and thought was only a place for people that are fit- this is not the case and we all started at the bottom and worked the way up to where YOU want to be. Not someone else

The 8-week warrior challenge is starting on August 12th 2019. Contact Coach Ross to book in an initial meeting. We have 12 spots waiting!