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If you are not yet ready to join the Dojo in person, we are still taking on new Warriors online. You can find out more about our online training programme using the link below. 

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Join TFW Thornhill

Suitable for all abilities; this program will help you lose fat, build muscle and feel good. Once you have graduated from the 8 week warrior, 28 day challenge or 7 day kick start, you can then continue your fitness journey with your fellow warriors on the main TFW program. The main programme is 4 days per week and is made up of two metabolic (cardio) sessions and two strength sessions.

As a TFW Student, you will also get the ability to track every workout with access to the Warrior Tracker. Every rep, every kilo lifted and every metre run. Your body composition, personal records and warrior challenges can also be logged, helping you to track your improvements!

We have two membership options available. Both of these options come with access to daily motivation, nutrition, recipe ideas and expert advice from our coaches.

Platinum Warrior

Unlimited workouts each week with your TFW coach and fellow Warriors

Daily nutrition advice

Warrior 20 meal ideas

Daily motivation stories

Evaluation to address any areas of immobility and fitness levels

Recommended prehab exercises to correct any imbalances and weaknesses

Body composition measurements

Warrior challenges

Before & After pictures

Access to the Warrior Tracker

Progressive programming designed to continuously get you results

Being a part of the familia!!



£79 per month (6 month contract) – reduced for £94 per month

TFW is a way of life that will allow you to bring out the warrior within.