The first 8 Week Warrior Challenge of 2019 has just finished and it’s great to welcome the new Warriors into the Dojo. One of our recent graduates, Jo, has given us a testimonial about her experience of the challenge and what she has achieved.

8 Week Warrior Transformation – Jo Kitto

“Last night I graduated from an 8 week Warrior Challenge with Training For Warriors Thornhill.

I am so freaking proud of what I have accomplished over the last 8 weeks BUT I am also incredibly excited because I know this is only the beginning and I now realise that the sky is the limit for me.

Since Jan 4th, I have completely quit alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy and processed foods. A mammoth task for me. (I have Coeliac Disease so already felt restricted) Yes there were difficult moments but as I pushed on, too stubborn to quit, it became easier and my tastebuds totally changed. I ate all the right foods, never felt hungry or starved myself. Feeling the afternoon energy slumps disappear, having way more energy and losing all the inflammatory, arthritic joint pains was a no brainer for me, so I wasn’t going to stop.

I trained 3 nights a week with my squad under the watchful eye of Ross Mawdesley and his team, Innes Kennedy, Stephen Broadbridge & Jamie McClennan. Their professionalism, dedication, encouragement, belief in us all, and just plain old down to earthness is second to none. These coaches are in a league of their own!

The Results

My body composition analysis revealed I have gained 1 whole kilogram of muscle and also reduced my body fat in this short timeframe. I am so looking forward to seeing what a year will do! I am dedicated, driven and determined to be fitter, stronger and healthier at age 44 than I have ever been.

I hope this post helps some of you to make that first step or gives you the determination to stay on track. It will be so worth it…let’s do it together!

p.s, the best bit is seeing my children proud of me…I want to be a great role model for them.

p.p.s thank you to friends who over the last year have inspired me to be a healthier version of me. I was watching and listening but I just had to wait until the time was right for me.”

It’s great to hear just how much Jo has changed her lifestyle in such a short space of time and we can’t wait to see what she achieves.

Jo completely embraced every part of the 8 week warrior challenge and embodies what Training For Warriors stands for; hard work, consistency, dedication and fun!

The next 8 Week Warrior Challenge starts in April – contact Coach Ross to sign up.